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I have found that since PageMax completed the SEO work, our rankings have greatly improved in some cases securing us with number one rankings. The direct result from this has been increased enquiries and in some cases from companies/organisations that we had previously tried but were unable to secure responses from. As we monitor all incoming sales calls we know a very large percentage have found us through internet searches, this all has led to new sales/orders being secured, so I could not be happier with the outcome. I look forward to working with PageMax into the future.

Philip Daly

Director, Total Event Rental

Everyone knows the ranking on Google is key to any website’s effectiveness. Before we began working with PageMax SEO we were not appearing on Google’s radar at all, not even in the top 100. Since PageMax has taken the reigns on our SEO campaign we have seen huge increases to our website traffic and overall level of enquiry. We are now featuring on page 1 for our targeted key words and every report from PageMax sees an improvement. We look forward to continued success and effective through our collaboration with PageMax SEO.

Christy Hanbury

Managing Director, Creative Play Solutions

SEO Case Study: Hartmann's Jewellers

Richard approached us to see if we could help get more visitors to their site as he felt they could be doing better online…

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PageMax SEO Ireland offers a superior search engine optimisation and web design service to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and overall online visibility. SEO is really at the core of our business. This is why we are appearing for search terms such as SEO Galway, SEO Dublin and SEO Ireland. We strive to be the best SEO Company Ireland has to offer in terms of results and return on investment. Never before has it been more important for Irish businesses to strengthen their online visibility. If your goal is to get to the top of Google and increase sales then our expert web design and SEO Services will need to be part of your marketing strategy.

We are currently working on an exciting new mobile application which will help save time for triathletes. Currently in development with iOS beta version coming soon.

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International and Local SEO: What They Have in Common

Local SEO is very much different from international SEO. With international SEO you are targeting a much wider audience. With local SEO you are targeting perhaps only the people in your city or maybe in your country. Although they have a lot of differences, they also have a lot of things in common. Keyword content Regardless if you are writing for local or international customers, one thing is true and that is keyword content is essential. Google has long been using keyword patterns to determine the locality of the search. This is not limited to the inclusion of geographic terms in the search query but also the positioning of the geographic term in the search query. In international SEO, geographic terms have the power to confuse, as well as clarify the search terms. However, the principle remains true. The search query has useful indicators for both local and international locations. Using an IP address One good solution which helps determine local and international SEO correctly and easily is with the use of an IP address. IP location is different than it was ten years ago. It has become very accurate however it benefits local SEO more than it does international SEO. Mobile search Mobile search is now becoming more and more popular as these handy devices have also become more indispensable every day. It is important for any site owner to consider the needs of the mobile user or else the business will be losing out big time. Nowadays it is mandatory for websites all over the world to have a mobile version if they aim to reach a... read more

Images and Social Media

One of the most popular forms of content in social media are photographs or pictures.  Pictures are easily consumed, helps tell stories without consuming too much space and requires less reading. Not everyone who goes on the Internet likes to read. As a matter of fact, a huge percentage of people dislike reading long articles and paragraphs. They would rather look at pictures which tell stories. Everyone is busy nowadays and do not have the luxury to sit down and read pages and pages of text. It is easy to make pictures work for you and your site. However, if you want to be truly successful when it comes to using pictures, we have some tips for you which will give you the results you have long wanted. Helpful Tips Use large images For any social media news, the largest images must be used.  Nobody likes to look low resolution images or images which are small. Confused about what people call “largest” images, your default size for largest should be 800px wide. Mark original pictures How many times have we seen original pictures being used by someone else and being claimed by other as their own? This is a crime which is not new. A lot of people and sites are guilty of it. If you are using your original pictures, mark them so as to prevent others from stealing them and using them without any attribution to you.  However, you should also remember that excessive watermarking and labeling can be detrimental to the success of your social media site. Use the same size of images Never make the... read more

Merchant Reviews and Rankings

It has been highlighted in the past how a merchant with terrible reviews was still able to rank high on Google.  This has baffled a lot of people because they have this belief that a site with terrible reviews would also rank terribly. Recently, Google has announced some changes to its ranking systems which will prevent similar things from happening again. Google aims to correct this by rolling out updates which will help businesses get the rankings they deserve. Collecting reviews and using them Google collects reviews from all over the Internet to help them rank sites. These aggregate reviews are collected from all over the Internet. Google Product Search gives merchants an overall page for their reviews and Google is now using these reviews in their ranking algorithm although they never explicitly said that. Google reported on their last blog post that the algorithmic solution developed can detect merchants which provided poor experience to their users. The algorithm has been incorporated in their search rankings so that all users will have a better experience. Google, however, refuses to reveal the details of their so-called solution. They do not want to divulge their data sources and how the data have been combined to improve the rankings. Google is Using Reviews Google has denied using reviews for rankings. However, a lot of people are feeling that Google is not telling them the truth. If Google does not use reviews, they are left with very few options to help them determine if a merchant has good or bad reputation.  Although Google uses rankings, it does not mean that reviews override all... read more