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We are a Galway based web design company and we develop world class websites that are clean, fantastic to use and easy to navigate. Our WordPress & Joomla websites are built to rank at the top of  Google search results and have a strong focus on ROI. Our team of designers and developers have a wealth of experience in delivering websites that perform well across all mobile devices and convert traffic into sales. We can customise WordPress to suit your needs giving your business the perfect platform to publish your content.

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What Makes Us Different?

Web DevelopmentAll too often we are approached by  companies that have had a bad experience with their web designers. We approach web design with search engines in mind and have the knowledge and experience to ensure website performance is not hindered in Google’s search results. Many web designers just don’t understand how Google works but will often include search engine optimisation as part of their service. We have seen first hand the damage to website rankings that can be caused by an incompetent web design company. Make sure to ask the right questions.

What Makes Customers Leave a Website?

To be able to formulate an excellent web design plan, you must know what makes people leave a website. Attracting a potential customer is already something which is very difficult to do. Grabbing their attention and retaining it is even more difficult. It is a must to design your site in a way that it will minimise user frustration and maximise retention.

Best legal website finalist Irish law awards

Website navigation must be intuitive, logical and easy to understand; ads must be placed tastefully and discreetly; users must be given the choice to watch a video or listen to an audio instead of being forced and content must be helpful to visitors. These are just some of the things which can help ensure that users will be coming back to your website over and over again. All of these things are components of excellent web design.

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